Spreading the Word

January 12, 2009

A couple months ago, I wrote a post about my woes with a handyman hired to fix our bathrooms. Well, I am now warning anyone who lives in the D.C. area that if they need a handyman, do NOT use the company “David Works” cause he doesn’t. The handyman’s name is David Manuel and he is ignorant, unprofessional, doesn’t shut up, and lazy. He also apparently doesn’t know shit about how to fix things like he says he does. We still have a leak from our shower and we now have a large hole in the living room ceiling. Right above my nice new piano, I might add. Aaaaauuuughhh!!!!!


Today’s Topic: Boogers

January 12, 2009

Baby Boogers, to be exact. And what a pain in the ass they are.  I can see all you mom’s out there in Ennui-land nodding your heads. If you don’t have kids, well, read on because this may affect you someday.  The reason for this post is because Princess has a cold (so do I, but that’s besides the point, I can blow my nose). It’s her second cold, so I know the drill of all the stuff I’m supposed to do. I have one end of her crib mattress elevated and we sit in a steamy bathroom for a few minutes before bedtime every night. We have a cool mist humidifier in her room, though, truthfully, she seems to sleep better the nights I don’t turn it on, so I’m skipping it. Maybe I’ll put it in my room. It’s less work to clean than the warm humidifier we have in there. And, last but not least, I squirt saline up her nose and suck out all the boogers with a nose bulb. Princess absolutely hates this. She acts like I’m sucking her brains out. I don’t know if it’s the messing with her nose or the fact that I have to hold her still. She doesn’t like being held still. She hates having her nails clipped for the same reason (and I don’t want to hear that you should cut a baby’s nails while they’re sleeping – I’ve tried and it just wakes her up).  But, I use the nose bulb religiously and every night we go through the screaming wriggling routing while I attempt to clear out her nostrils so the kid can breathe. I usually give up after several times. I’ve realized since becoming a parent that I have much less patience that I thought I did. Another mom I talked to suggested I get one of those battery-operated nasal aspirators. It plays music to distract the child and gets all the boogers out, so she said. So, I ordered it off of Amazon and it will hopefully be here by tomorrow. After I use it, I’ll review it here and let you know if it worked or not.  Well, I’ve gotta go. Snot Child has managed to push all of her toys out of her reach, so I should give her a couple back. Later!


Storytime Saturday

January 10, 2009

Today’s pot was : You’re hired to babysit a dragon

How did I come up with this plot? Princess has been sick lately and that makes her very whiny. I was joking with my husband while he was at work and told him I needed a white night in shining armor to come and rescue  me from the baby dragon with sharp claws and a fearsome cry.

The story:

I climbed up the steep mountainside pathway, holding my skirts up so as not to trip. These folks sure do live out of the way, I thought to myself. I was visiting a potential employer, having answered an ad for a nanny posted up in the town square. I looked once more at the address I’d written down on a scrap of paper. It read:

Second Cave on the Left
Steaming Lake
Craggy Mountain 

Ahead I could see steam rising in the air and figured I must be getting close to the lake. I ‘d passed several caves already and couldn’t help but wondering why someone would choose to live way up here. Perhaps they were “nature” people. You know, the kind that ate no meat and went around nude and hugged trees and such.  A strange breed they were. all right. I paused to rest for a moment, glad it was the warm months. This would be a cold trek in the winter. I supposed the steamy lake kept their home warm, so it wouldn’t be too hard to heat. After all, there wasn’t much in the way of trees on this part of the mountain. Lower down there were plenty, but up here…

I sighed and kept going. Almost there, I thought. They hadn’t listed a payment in the ad. It had better be good if I had to climb this damned mountain every day. I grumbled some more and finally came to lake, pausing to take in the warmth. I tried not to breathe too hard, though. The lake smelled faintly like rotten eggs. I guessed it wasn’t drinkable. There must be a stream around here somewhere, I figured. Or maybe they stored rain water. I shrugged and went to the left of the lake. Ahead of me were several caves. Sure enough, the second one had a thin stream of smoke coming out of it. I walked up to it.

There wasn’t a door, so I wasn’t sure how to announce my presence. I mean, should I knock on the wall or just clear my throat? I opted for the latter and cleared my throat loudly. 

“Hello?” I called. “I’m here for the babysitter position?” I hoped it hadn’t already been filled. I heard a grunting and some scratching noises from inside. Maybe they had a dog. I heard someone moving towards the entrance. The cave turned just beyond then opening, so I couldn’t see anything. All of a sudden, I saw a green claw, followed by a scaly green foot. A leg came next and then a snout appeared, with large pointy teeth and a little red forked tongue darting out. Two large wicked yellow eyes peered at me.

“Oh good. Junior’s been such a handful lately… Hello?”

I was already running back down the mountain as fast as my feet could carry me.

NOW it’s your turn.  Click on the link below and fill in your name and blog. If you don’t have a blog – well why not? You should get one. But, if you insist on not having one, just leave your story as a comment here on my blog. See you next week!


Seafood Watch Program – A Consumer’s Guide to Sustainable Seafood | Monterey Bay Aquarium

January 9, 2009

Check out this link and either print out a pocket guide or get the app for your iphone (you lucky dogs you). This is a great little guide on what fish to eat to help protect against overfishing of species and bad fish farming practices, etc.  It’s a handy thing to have when you’re in the mood for seafood.

Seafood Watch Program – A Consumer’s Guide to Sustainable Seafood | Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Writing Assignment

January 8, 2009

Here’s the plot for Saturday’s fiction:

You are hired to babysit a dragon.

The dragon can be any age, sex, color, etc. Maybe even a metaphorical dragon?  Anyway, have fun. And remember, it’s a SHORT story. Come back Saturday to read my version of the story and post your own.


Writer’s Workshop

January 8, 2009

The Prompts:

1.) Describe your latest obsession.

2.) Ask a loved one to use 6 descriptive words to describe you and report your findings. How well do they know you?
3.) Who was your first bloggy friend? How did you find each other? Do you still correspond?

4.) Tell us about your pet! If you have a weird infatuation with your dog or cat we want to hear about it (or if they just plain drive you crazy)…but please don’t compare them to children. It’s just not the same.

My answer(s):

1. I have way too many obsessions. Of course, I am obsessed by my child and anything to do with her and parenting in general. I get the parenting mags, look up stuff online, belong to mommy groups, etc. I have also recently become addicted to Facebook. I’m on there all the time. I have a laptop in the nursery and when I’m feeding Princess or getting her to go to sleep, I’m usually on Facebook (OK, I also have itunes playing since I listen to stories while I’m putting her to bed).  My other obsessions are ones I’ve had for quite some time. I love crafts, all crafts, and so I’ll become obsessed by one for a time, then move on to another, than go back to the first, etc. I was knitting for a while, now I’m into papercrafts (building models and toys from paper). I’m sure I’ll start on something else soon.

4. I have two pets, a dog named Maya and a cat named Rowan. Hubby and I got Rowan when we were still dating, so we’ve had her for about 10 years now. She’s a cute brown tabby kitty with a white belly and white paws, but she’s pretty lazy and prefers to sleep on or under our bed all day. And she definitely missed out on the cat grace gene because she’s kind of a klutz.  She likes to sleep under the covers when I’m taking a nap (but only for naps, not at night) and at night she sleeps either by my feet or on my pillow. She loves her humans, loves to be brushed, lets me know it’s bedtime by standing at the top of the stairs meowing, and hates the dog.  Maya was Hubby’s present when he got his Master’s degree. We got her as an adult dog, somewhere between 3 and 6 years old, so we’re not really sure how old she is now.  We say she came pre-quirked since we got her as an adult. She hates the rain and water in general. She once fell into the Mississippi river (my in-laws’ house is right on the river) because she thought the algae on it was grass and tried to walk on it. I’ve never seen her jump so fast in my life. It was very funny. She’s definitely Hubby’s dog, but she likes to be by me, too. When we first got her she was very high energy, but she’s calmed down a lot since then, a matter of both training and age, I think. SHe loves humans, but hates other animals. We’re never sure what her reaction will be to another dog. A few dogs she’s fine with and others she all “I am tough girl”. She’s part black lab and part some kind of terrier. Both animals don’t seem to mind the baby, mostly  just get out of the way of waving fists and kicking feet. Princess loves her pets, though and giggles when she sees them. It’s very cute.


Wednesday’s Word

January 6, 2009

Today’s word is:
scapegrace • \SKAYP-grayss\ • noun
: an incorrigible rascal

This one appealed to me because when he was younger (he’s straightened out a bit since then) Hubby was a scapegrace. He had a mohawk – which I have yet to see up in a picture, it’s only down in the photos his folks have – ran away a bunch of times, and was basically an all-around rebellious punk.  Good thing he’s changed his ways. My only hope is that Princess will take after me and my in-laws haven’t cursed us by Telling Hubby they hope he has a child like he was. lol.