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Get out and vote!

November 4, 2008

Every vote counts, so for readers in the U.S. make sure you get out and vote today.  Princess and I will.


I am not a snack bar

September 24, 2008

sigh. THat’s all I have to say.


little angel

September 18, 2008

or little devil, depending on the hour of the day… and she’s only 3 months old.  Right now she’s taking a nap in my arm as I wrote this, so she’s and angel – a heavy one.  My shoulder is killing me, but if I put her down at this point, she’ll just wake up.  Besides I have to feed her in half an hour anyway and I woke her up earlier by being noisy.  So I’ll just suffer and bitch about it.  It’s so funny watching a baby sleep.  Her face goes through all these expressions.  Now she’s smiling.  Now she’s frowning.  Now  she looks really confused.  Sometimes she lets out a little cry.  I assume it’s a bad dream.  I wonder what babies dream about, anyway.  I read something in a magazine about baby dreams.  THe guy said they don’t have bad dreams (which I don’t believe – why would she cry, otherwise?) and they probably don’t dream with sound since they don’t have language.  I don’t think I believe that one, either, because they still hear other sounds.  Not all sound in dreams is language, right?  THe angel just woke up and now she’s not happy.  Oh, she found some fingers to suck on.  SHe’s fine now.  Nope, changed her mind, she’s crabby again.  Just like her mommy – able to change moods faster than a speeding bullet.  The best is when she’s all happy and cooing, then suddenly she starts wailing. Out of nowhere.

Let’s see – sleep update:  last two nights were great, She slept til 4 and 5.  THe night before that was weird.  SHe woke up for no apparent reason around 2, but Hubby (have I mentioned I love my hubby) got up and got her to go back to sleep and she woke up around  after that.  Kids.

I’m going to try something.  I read a blog called “Mama’s Losing It” whenever I get a chance. SHe has a writer’s workshop thing on there that I thought I’d give a try today.  One of her ideas was to open a dictionary and see if one of hte words meant anything to you.  So I opened the dictionary…and found some pressed flower petals.  WHen the heck did I do that?  WHat were they from?  I have no idea.  But they look neat.  I should scan them in and use them to make fairy wings  I picked up some of those wing seeds  off the ground to do that with, too, but I have yet to scan them in.  I’m such a procrastinator. child is attempting to eat my arm – I guess it’s time to feed her.  I will continue this thought later.



September 15, 2008

The hallelujah chorus is going through my head.  Princess slept until 6 AM today.  Hubby woke up this morning and asked if he’d missed a feeding.

People are so funny about babies.  We talked to my mom last night via webcam on our computer.  We got her a camera as a thank you gift for helping us out when Princess was born.  First off, she was upset because I talked with my dad earlier in the week on the computer, when she was out doing errands (like I knew she wouldn’t be there) so she didn’t get to see the baby then.  Then, while we’re talking, she keeps touching her screen, as if she’s touching the baby.  At one point, she clapped her hands to get Princess’ attention, until I told her that all we could see was a great big blur.  SHe doesn’t get the whole slow frame rate thing.  Of course, it usually takes them several tries to get the video working in the first place.  It’s so hilarious dealing with non-tech savvy people.  I am the proud owner of  Macintosh computer.  When we have guests, more often than not they end u[ using my computer to check e-mail, etc. (It’s located just off the living room and is always on).  THese are generally people who have never used a Mac in their life, so I always have to explain how things work.  THan they try to use web sites that don’t work on a Mac and complain.  Hey, who forced them to use my computer, anyway?!  ANyway, my mom e-mailed me and asked me to help her cousin who got an ipod as a Christmas present but didn’t know how to work it.   Apparently the gift-giver didn’t give her the user guide.  SO I had to e-mail her cousin and tell her how to use it and how to put music on the computer.  My mom has a digital camera, but doesn’t even know how to put the pictures on the computer.  SHe has to get my dad to do it.  ANd even though he’s worked with computers all his life, he’s not really much better.  Hubby’s family is the same.  It seems like every time we see them, he has to figure something our for them with their computers.  Makes me kinda wonder what it will be like when we’re older and what Princess will have to figure out for us, though, since I’m kind of a gadget geek, I hope I can keep up with the new tech.  I love gadgets and wish we could afford them.  Right now I want an iphone and an HD digital video-camera.  SOmeday when we win the lottery – which I suppose we need to start playing again.


Well, that’s enough ranting for now.  Later Peeps!


The Land of Ennui?

September 10, 2008

The “Land of Ennui” was the title of a story I started writing back in high school about a girl who daydreams all the time when she’s bored and she ends up in a different world called Ennui.  In the end, her travels in the land of Ennui turn out to be nothing more than a daydream.  I never did finish the story, but the title always stuck with me and it seemed a fitting name for a collection of my ramblings, rants, and interests.  

I intend for this blog to be a place for me to write about my adventures in the land of motherhood, both good and bad.  Here I will write about my efforts to work from home as a freelance graphic artist as I take care of my child at the same time.  I will post about my interests – what books I’m reading, fun sites I’ve found on the web, neat products you’ve just got to have, movies and anime I’m watching.  A warning: this will not be a G rated blog.  Also, A lot of the time I’m on the computer, I have a baby in my arms, which means there will probably be typos.  I will probably forget to check the spelling before I post, because I can’t remember my own name some days, and, quite frankly I’m a lazy ass, so Ill go back and edit posts later when I notice the errors.

For those too lazy to read the about me page, my name is Kelly.  I live in Virginia with my husband (hereafter referred to as Hubby) and 2 month old daughter (referred to as Princess).  I’m a stay-at-home mom trying to be a work-at-home mom as a freelance graphic artist – anyone need logos, business cards, magazines, ads, newsletters, etc. designed?  If you’re curious, feel free to check out my business site, Mythic Creations, for samples of what I do.  I’m also attempting to earn money with my online store through cafepress where I sell clothes and gifts with my designs.  I need to make money because Hubby is a full time PhD student in Public Policy.  He does some work for one of the professors at the university, and he does work as a part time contractor for a company, which we are hoping will turn into a full-time job as soon as they get the funding.  Whenever that will be.  I hate that word now – funding.

My interests are pretty varied.  I’m somewhere between a geek and a nerd.  I’m a big fan of the arts.  I love seeing plays, especially musicals, though, it’ll be kind of hard to see much of anything for a while, between the kid and expenses.  I also like ballets and operas.  I like all kinds of music, from classical to jazz to classic rock.  No hard rock or hip hop, though.  I listened to country when I was younger, but not anymore.  I love to read, mostly fantasy.  I write, too, though I haven’t done much lately.  Art is my passion as well as my job.  Nowadays it’s mostly on the computer, but I still sketch when I have a chance.  I’m a geek about computers and gadgets.  I’m a Mac girl through and through.  I like anime and manga (Japanese comic books) and comic books, though I’m not really into all the typical superhero stuff. And of course, as a new mom, I’m all about baby stuff now.

I think that’s about it for the intro.  Everything else will be covered in the life of the blog.  I will try to post as often as I can.  Thanks for visiting!