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October 28, 2008

Sorry I haven’t been posting much.  Life with mom visiting is hectic.  She’s home now.  My dad is in the hospital.  They found colon cancer at his colonoscopy a few weeks ago and had to bring him in for an operation to remove a small section of his colon.  My mom said he did fine in the operation and everything is looking good for now.  He’ll have to be in the hospital all week, though.  Hospital stays are not fun.  I remember my stay when Princess was born.  It was a few days longer than normal because of the emergency c-section and my preeclampsia. So, please say a prayer or thought or whatever to whomever that my dad heals quickly and well.

Now for some good news.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Princess.  While my mom was here, she started turning over from her back to her tummy.  I’d been practicing with her, rolling her over on her mat, but she started doing it on her own, and a lot.  Of course, she’s not always quite sure what to do once she gets on her belly, but she’s figuring out how to get her arms up under her.  I guess I’m going to have to really be careful where I leave her now when I put her down.  Now she just needs to learn to flip the other way and she can roll around to her little heart’s content.  I’m still waiting for the day she can sit up on her own and I can put her on a blanket with some toys to play.

Today’s big breakthrough was Princess has learned to self-sooth!  Yea!!!!!  This is doing wonders for my productivity.  Previously, she was only doing 45 minute stretches per nap.  So, basically, by the time I got her sleeping (plus the 10 or so minutes staying in the room to make sure she STAYS asleep), I had about 30 minutes to eat, nap, do laundry, work, etc. etc.  She naps about 4 times a day.  It doesn’t add up to much.  So, today, I was in the basement and I heard her wake up, so I went upstairs to the nursery to get her.  By the time I got there, to my great astonishment and joy, she was happily sucking away at her thumb (the pacifier had long since fallen out of her mouth), sleeping away.  I couldn’t believe it.  She did this at all of her naptimes today.  now, the real test will be how she sleeps tonight.  Of course, I am also re-starting the unswaddling process.  I tried when my mom was here, but stopped because she kept waking herself up around 1, 1:30 am.  But now that she’s turning over, she really needs to be unswaddled.  So, I’m hoping if she does wake herself up, she’ll self-sooth and go right back to sleep.  Cross your fingers.

Oh, and since she had such great naps today, I managed to finally finish her Halloween costume.  Tomorrow I’ll try and post pics and instructions of how I made it.  Till then, good night to all.


What I did on Saturday, really

October 19, 2008

Hubby and I took advantage of my mom being in town to babysit and we went for a nice dinner and then went to see Lewis Black (a comedian).  It was nice to be out without Princess.  It’s been a while.  I was even able to have a drink, since I wouldn’t be feeding her and didn’t have to worry about the alcohol getting in my milk.  I had the bartender make me a surprise drink.  I do this a lot because I don’t really have a favorite drink.  I tell the bartender to surprise me with something sweet.  Usually they just make some kind of standard drink, but this guy had fun and completely made something up.  It was very yummy, too.  Dinner was nice, though, I realized that I don’t really have a lot to talk about anymore.  I guess that’s an indicator that I need to get out more.

After dinner, we went to see lewis Black.  He was playing at Hubby’s school, so we got the tickets at a really good price.  If you don’t know him, he has a very acerbic sense of humor and goes from normal speech to yelling in mid-sentence when he really gets going.  He’s on The Daily Show a lot and has his own dhow on Comedy Central, too.  We really like seeing him there, so we had high hopes for show.  The Opener wasn’t too bad.  He had on and off moments.  Lewis Black started really well, but towards the end of his act he started getting really serious and the funny moments got farther and farther apart.  Hubby said he got a bit preachy.  He was talking about the political situation.  Overall, though, it was a good time.

We got home and my mom said Princess was fine, though she was a bit fussy when she fed her.  Princess has issues with the bottle sometimes.  She blamed the nipple and said she switched to a different one and it was fine.  I thought Hubby was using different nipples to get Princess used to them, but apparently, he’s still using the newborn ones from the hospital.  Sigh.  By the time we got to bed it was pretty late, after midnight.  So, of course, Princess decided to wake up around 1:30.   I was so exhausted.  So I fed her and thankfully she dropped off really quick back to sleep.  I mean, as soon as her head hit the mattress, literally.  I went back to sleep, then she was crying again around 4:30.  I went to check on her, but her eyes were still closed, she was just very fussy and squirmy.  So, I popped a pacifier in her mouth and she dropped back to sleep.  Whatever.  I certainly wasn’t going to complain.  She woke up a bit early this morning – 6:30, but that doesn’t really surprise me since she fed at 1:30.  My mom was nice enough to take her in the morning so Hubby could sleep in a little, too.  Of course, princess pooped then and had to be completely changed.  So my mom put her in something she bought for her. lol.

Today’s plan – looking at cars so we can buy a new one nad get rid Hubby’s piece of shit car.  Yea!!!



October 14, 2008

Sorry it’s been a few days since I wrote last.  It was a long weekend, and not in the vacation day sense.  Friday we took Princess for her Four month well visit and next round of vaccinations  I made Hubby go with us this time so he could hold his little girl while they stuck her with needles.  Thankfully, she recovers pretty quickly from the torture.  Her official stats are 16 lb, 10 oz and 25.5 inches.  SHe’s in the 90th percentile.  We have a big kid. Afterwards, Princess and I went to the fabric store to buy the stuff for her costume.  WHat is it with fabric stores that the lines are always really long and the sales people don’t seem to get the idea that they can call for help? I was waiting in line to have the fabric cut and one of the employees was helping two ladies figure out the answer to a question they had about a pattern.  Well, this took forever, and I’m not exaggerating. She was helping them before I even started to gather the fabric I needed and was still helping them when I got to the cutting counter.  SO, I told the other lady there she might want to call for someone else because there was a very long line.  Duh.  SO she did and the line started moving much faster.  WHy don’t people think of this?  Sigh.  Anyway, I’ll document my making of the tutu dress for you.

Saturday Hubby had a meeting, though he did give me my morning mini-vacation (he takes Princess for a few hours in the morning so I can sleep in) which is always nice. Then we went to our friends’ house for dinner.  Only problem is they eat dinner very late, so we didn’t end up eating until 7:30, which is usually when we feed Princess and put her to bed.  So, needless to say, she was a bit grouchy.  I fed her quickly after I ate, but she didn’t last very long and we went home.  THe food was good, though.  Grilled squash and salmon (I had chicken, though – I’m not a huge salmon fan). My friend’s aunt was in town. She’s from West Virginia and is apparently used to a more “county Southern” type of food – basically, everything fried.  You could tell she didn’t really like the food but was trying to be polite.

Princess was a little fussy all weekend.  I assume it was hte aftermath of the shots and her schedule being so off.  Oh well.  SHe did sleep in until about 8:30 one morning this weekend, though.  That was nice.  I woke up and looked at the clock and told Hubby to go check on her.  SHe was awake, but just playing in her crib, no care in the world.  THis morning wasn’t so nice.  She woke for her feeding around 4 and didn’t take too long to go back to bed, then I jumped in the shower really quick, since Hubby has to get up early and I won’t get a chance otherwise.  Around 6:15 (according to Hubby) she woke up.  He was already awake and ready, so he took her and tried to get her to go back to sleep, but she ended up only sleeping about 20 minutes and woke up around 7, so I just got up at that point.  I took a nap when she had her first nap, but she only naps about 45 minutes in a stretch, so by the time I got to sleep, I didn’t sleep very long.  Thank god for the days I can sleep in.  Till then, I am just sleepwalking through the day. lol.  I have no idea how to get her to sleep longer.  I tried yesterday to get her to go back to sleep after she woke up, but she fell asleep and woke up a few minutes later – several times.  After the third time I just said screw it and picked her up.

Speaking of short naps, Princess is apparently awake again and letting me know she’s done with being in her crib.  Later!


Wednesday’s Word

October 1, 2008

Today’s word:

theriac • \THEER-ee-ak\  • noun

1 : a mixture of many drugs and honey formerly held to be an antidote to poison
*2 : cure-all

I’ll go for the cure-all  definition.  My cure-all is sleep.  SOmething I don’t get nearly enough of lately.  Really.  Think about it.  If you’re coming down with a cold, get lots of rest and a lot of times you can stop it before it starts.  headache?  Sleep will cure it.  Same for a tummy ache.  And it’s a great way to get rid of a bad mood, too.  No wonder I’m always grumpy nowadays. lol


The geyser

September 24, 2008

I love my child, I love my child, I love my child.  I hate spitup.  I am considering just wrapping her up in a towel everyday and calling it quite with clothing.  I had to change her twice today because she spitup all over herself.  Not to mention how many times I’ve been nailed…and the couch, the pillows, our bed, the floor, etc.  I will be so glad when this phase ends, though, by then she’ll probably be throwing food around instead.  I keep telling her that Mommy works hard to make that milk and if she doesn’t want it, she should eat it in the first place.  That doesn’t work. lol.

That brings me to the late night/ early morning feedings.  I have a love/hate relationship with them.  The first is hate – when I hear her wake up and the only thing going through my mind is “I don’t wanna get up”.  I drag myself awake and out of bed and go feed her.  This is a love part.  It’s just her and me and she’s usually very quiet during this feed (unlike her usual feeding habit of sighing everytime she swallows some milk – forget the whole surreptitious feeding in public thing) and eats pretty quickly. Then she’s all cute as she starts to fall asleep in my arms.  After that the hate comes back when she keeps squirming and waking herself up and I realize I’ve been up for an hour and I’m exhausted and want to go to sleep.  Then, it’s love again when she’s finally asleep and I come to check on her one last time before I go to bed.

OK.  I’m done venting for now. Today wasn’t a bad day overall, besides the whole spitup thing.  She was pretty good.  She’s taking short naps for some reason, but she didn’t get too cranky because of it today.  And it was gorgeous outside, so I took Princess and the doggy out for a walk around the neighborhood.  I still have to work on the whole coordinating stroller and dog leach thing.  Oh, and we got new mailboxes today in the development.  They’re nice and big, with special boxes for packages and everything.  I happy, especially since our old box seemed to get wet every time it rained and the key kept getting stuck. Anyway, I am now going to go get ready for bed and enjoy the one time of the day I don’t have to rush.  TTFN


holy shit

September 22, 2008

She slept until 5:40 AM.  Amazing what happens when she decides there’s just too much stuff going on to take a nap.


mommies unite

September 22, 2008

I write this at night, in the nursery after putting Princess in her crib.  Yes, you read that correctly, in her crib, in her own room.  For the second night, she is sleeping in her own room.  Before, we had her in a bassinet in our room, but since she went pretty much all last week sleeping until around 4 am (not including a couple of weird intruding wake ups around 2 after which she went right back to sleep) we decided it was time to move her to the crib.  She looks so much smaller in it, which is saying a lot.  She was almost as long as her bassinet.  I measured her the other night after I put her back down to sleep.  It was 5 in the morning and I looked at her and noticed how nice and straight she was laying and how much space she took up in the bassinet, so I ran downstairs and got my sewing measuring tape and measured her.  25 inches.  Granted, this is approximate.  The things you do at 5 in the morning after being up for an hour.  I will probably have a few early morning posts, too, especially since I’m now feeding her in the nursery instead of in bed.  So much for the lazy life.  But I figured, i usually end up in the nursery anyway because the rocking chair’s there and it helps her fall asleep quicker – very important in the middle of the night.

So, she did very well last night sleeping in the crib, and I did pretty good, too.  No panic attacks that she wasn’t in the room.  And I even turned on the radio to fall asleep to (though I was worried we wouldn’t be able to hear the monitor over the music and Hubby reassured me, proved correct when she made a sound and it came through loud and clear). It probably helps that I can leave the door to the nursery open, so I know if she were to cry I could still hear her.  We have a cat, but I doubt she’ll go into the crib.  I don’t know if she could even make it up there.  Sometimes she just barely makes it up on our bed.  The graceful acrobatic cat gene sort of skipped her.  Cute, yes.  Graceful, definitely not.  And the dog is in a crate at night.

So I had a pretty good weekend, even besides the whole child in her own room thing.  Saturday I hosted a jewelry party, you know, one of those things where you have a bunch of friends over and someone comes in and does a sales pitch for a product.  This one was for Premier Jewelry.  They have pretty nice things and the prices are pretty reasonable.  My friend hosted a party and for a discount on the stuff I bought there, I agreed to host a party too.  Of course, out of the 14 or so people I invited, only one came, but she brought a friend, so it wasn’t too bad.  Her hubby came and they both brought their kids, so the guys hung out most of the time with the kids.  Hubby took them to the part near the house so we had the house to ourselves for most of the time (Again, I love my hubby).  Even though it was a very small turnout (not sure if the weekend was just a bad weekend, no one wanted to come, or if it was because the seller didn’t give me the information early enough – side rant:I was going to send out e-vites or an e-mail to everyone a couple of months in advance and had asked the lady for the info I needed but she had issues with her e-mail and never got it to me, then she sent out e-vites herself through the company which took time because I had to get the e-mail list to her and then all the responses came to her, not me, so I had no idea who was coming or not…grrr) it went all right.  My mom and a friend had ordered a couple things before the party, too.  So I got free jewelry.  yea!  Maybe I’ll take a pic of my new sparklies when they come ing and post it up here.

Today I went to a nearby park and met with a mommy’s group.  It’s a new group and it was really nice.  The weather was great, so the park was a perfect place to meet.  It was also in the afternoon.  Most of the mom’s groups I’ve tried always schedule stuff in the mornings – it’s way too hard for me to get out of the house in the mornings.  I hate mornings. And I think my child may be a morning person, God help me.  But, I figure if she is, at least it will make it easier to get her up when she is older and has to go to school.  Anyway, there were two other babies there about the same age as Princess.  That’s another plus.  Most of the other mom’s groups are all toddlers.  So I am definitely going to stick with this group.  Yea!  New friends.  I’m not one of those people who has a boatload of friends.  I usually only have a few friends who I do things with.  Hubby is more of the people person, but a lot of the people he knows are single or younger or don’t have kids, so we’re not really in the same stage of life as they are.  And a lot of them are scientists or policy geeks, and thought they’re very nice, it’s hard for me to connect.

Well, I’m going to call it a night. All in all, a good weekend.  LOL.  I just peeked at Princess and she managed to get one arm out of the swaddle, so the one arm is just sticking up out of the blanket. I have to get a pic of that sometime.  Talk at ya later!