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Monday’s Mission

November 23, 2008

Welcome to a new feature here in the Land of Ennui. It’s called Monday’s Mission. Each Monday, i will give you a mission and you must fulfill it, then come back here and leave me a comment about what you did, how it went, etc.  Today’s mission is a simple one:

Give Someone a Hug

It’s a week of thanks here in the states, plus, it’s my birthday this week, so everyone go hug someone.  It can be your kid, significant other, friend, family member, or even a total stranger (if you do this, I definitely want a comment on their reaction).

I’m giving two hugs today, one for Princess and one for Hubby. It’s so that they always know that no matter how frustrated I get, I will always love them. This will be very important since we’re heading to North Carolina today to see Hubby’s family for Thanksgiving. It’s Princess’ first long car trip and we have no idea how she’ll do. Google maps says it’ll take 6 and a half hours, so I’m planning 7 and a half. Wish us luck! We’ll have our laptop so I’ll try to post if I can this week. Can’t wait to see how everyone’s hugs went!