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No Sleep for the Wicked…

September 15, 2008

so I must be good, cause Princess slept until almost 5 AM last night.  yea!  Of course, as I was getting her back to sleep, the cat decided it was a good time to throw up.  Didn’t really affect the kid, though, thank God.  Hubby was a sweetheart and actually got out of bed and took care of the kitty puke.  We have a saying in this house – It’s a good thing you’re cute.  This applies to the kid, dog, cat, and Hubby.  I mean, talk about the best defense mechanism.  Most people (I say most because I am sure there are some strange mean-spirited people out there to whom this doesn’t apply) love cute things.  There are even whole web sites devoted to it.  Check out cute overload.  I love that site.  I should probably put that in my links.

 Anyway – where was I?  Oh yes, cat puke.  So the puke was cleaned up, Princess went to sleep, we were back in bed, then the dog shook herself (very loudly) and turned herself about (yes, the hokey pokey really is what it’s all about) and went back to sleep. Then Hubby turned over in our very creaky bed.  Result: awake baby.  Sigh.  So I just said screw it and had Hubby give her to me and she slept in my arms.  I don’t really do the whole co-sleeping thing, but in the morning for a few hours, when I’m tired, I don’t really care.  SO much for the night’s adventures.

Today we went to a local festival.  We went last year and there were some craft booths and a wine garden with all Virginia wines, which we were looking forward to (pump and dump, baby).  We were going to go yesterday, but we decided to go with some friends, S and P, and she had work to get done.  So, we went today, when it was about 10 degrees hotter, cause, who cares about heat.  I mean, we don’t have a baby or anything, right?  And today the festival started later, so we couldn’t go in the morning.  But I was getting out of the house, damn it, for more than errands.  So Hubby checked the acuweather hour by hour thing online and we ended up going around 2.  It was still hot but there was at least a breeze by then.  We get there and no wine.  WTF?!  Turns out they only had it yesterday evening.  Dunno why.  As far as I know, there’s no Sunday law here except maybe in the morning.  Stupid lazy wine people probably just didn’t want to be there all weekend.  Hmph.  OH well.  We walked through the craft booths and bought a few things.  We found on guy who used liquor and beer bottles and puts candles in them.  Very neat idea. He’s called Let’s get lit. And I got Princess’ name done all pretty by Dan Nie.  And got her some cute little hair bows by Creative Side Bows.  It was pretty hot, so we went and rested in the shade and gave Princess a little milk I’d pumped so she could stay hydrated.  Hubby ended up staying there with her and S while P and I finished the circuit of booths.  Then we went home and enjoyed the A.C.  I love A.C.  When we lived in California (for 6 years – we moved there after college, then moved East again a couple of years ago for Hubby’s PhD) our houses had no A.C.  I missed it then.  

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble now.  This is what happens when it takes all day to finish writing a post.  Talk at ya later!