Today’s Topic: Boogers

January 12, 2009

Baby Boogers, to be exact. And what a pain in the ass they are.  I can see all you mom’s out there in Ennui-land nodding your heads. If you don’t have kids, well, read on because this may affect you someday.  The reason for this post is because Princess has a cold (so do I, but that’s besides the point, I can blow my nose). It’s her second cold, so I know the drill of all the stuff I’m supposed to do. I have one end of her crib mattress elevated and we sit in a steamy bathroom for a few minutes before bedtime every night. We have a cool mist humidifier in her room, though, truthfully, she seems to sleep better the nights I don’t turn it on, so I’m skipping it. Maybe I’ll put it in my room. It’s less work to clean than the warm humidifier we have in there. And, last but not least, I squirt saline up her nose and suck out all the boogers with a nose bulb. Princess absolutely hates this. She acts like I’m sucking her brains out. I don’t know if it’s the messing with her nose or the fact that I have to hold her still. She doesn’t like being held still. She hates having her nails clipped for the same reason (and I don’t want to hear that you should cut a baby’s nails while they’re sleeping – I’ve tried and it just wakes her up).  But, I use the nose bulb religiously and every night we go through the screaming wriggling routing while I attempt to clear out her nostrils so the kid can breathe. I usually give up after several times. I’ve realized since becoming a parent that I have much less patience that I thought I did. Another mom I talked to suggested I get one of those battery-operated nasal aspirators. It plays music to distract the child and gets all the boogers out, so she said. So, I ordered it off of Amazon and it will hopefully be here by tomorrow. After I use it, I’ll review it here and let you know if it worked or not.  Well, I’ve gotta go. Snot Child has managed to push all of her toys out of her reach, so I should give her a couple back. Later!


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