Storytime Saturday

January 10, 2009

Today’s pot was : You’re hired to babysit a dragon

How did I come up with this plot? Princess has been sick lately and that makes her very whiny. I was joking with my husband while he was at work and told him I needed a white night in shining armor to come and rescue  me from the baby dragon with sharp claws and a fearsome cry.

The story:

I climbed up the steep mountainside pathway, holding my skirts up so as not to trip. These folks sure do live out of the way, I thought to myself. I was visiting a potential employer, having answered an ad for a nanny posted up in the town square. I looked once more at the address I’d written down on a scrap of paper. It read:

Second Cave on the Left
Steaming Lake
Craggy Mountain 

Ahead I could see steam rising in the air and figured I must be getting close to the lake. I ‘d passed several caves already and couldn’t help but wondering why someone would choose to live way up here. Perhaps they were “nature” people. You know, the kind that ate no meat and went around nude and hugged trees and such.  A strange breed they were. all right. I paused to rest for a moment, glad it was the warm months. This would be a cold trek in the winter. I supposed the steamy lake kept their home warm, so it wouldn’t be too hard to heat. After all, there wasn’t much in the way of trees on this part of the mountain. Lower down there were plenty, but up here…

I sighed and kept going. Almost there, I thought. They hadn’t listed a payment in the ad. It had better be good if I had to climb this damned mountain every day. I grumbled some more and finally came to lake, pausing to take in the warmth. I tried not to breathe too hard, though. The lake smelled faintly like rotten eggs. I guessed it wasn’t drinkable. There must be a stream around here somewhere, I figured. Or maybe they stored rain water. I shrugged and went to the left of the lake. Ahead of me were several caves. Sure enough, the second one had a thin stream of smoke coming out of it. I walked up to it.

There wasn’t a door, so I wasn’t sure how to announce my presence. I mean, should I knock on the wall or just clear my throat? I opted for the latter and cleared my throat loudly. 

“Hello?” I called. “I’m here for the babysitter position?” I hoped it hadn’t already been filled. I heard a grunting and some scratching noises from inside. Maybe they had a dog. I heard someone moving towards the entrance. The cave turned just beyond then opening, so I couldn’t see anything. All of a sudden, I saw a green claw, followed by a scaly green foot. A leg came next and then a snout appeared, with large pointy teeth and a little red forked tongue darting out. Two large wicked yellow eyes peered at me.

“Oh good. Junior’s been such a handful lately… Hello?”

I was already running back down the mountain as fast as my feet could carry me.

NOW it’s your turn.  Click on the link below and fill in your name and blog. If you don’t have a blog – well why not? You should get one. But, if you insist on not having one, just leave your story as a comment here on my blog. See you next week!


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