Storytime Saturday

December 19, 2008

I’ve changed this from Friday to Saturday b/c I can never get it done by Friday

 this week’s plot:

a hotel is a nudist beach

Sheila happily unpacked their bags, humming a little tune as she did. Bob and the kids were changing into their swimsuits. They’d finally had the time and means to go on a family vacation to the shore. They’d found a beautiful little beach resort town with white sand beaches, beautiful oceans, and, Shiela’s favorite, lots of quaint little shops.  There was some kind of festival going on, so finding a place to stay had been difficult, but they’d finally managed to find this place, and had even saved some money by getting a room without a view.

“Honey, we’re all ready. I even put sunscreen on the kids already,” called Bob from the adjoining room they’d gotten for the children. A moment later, he and the kids joined Sheila, who had changed into her swimsuit as soon as they’d gotten into the room. Sheila looked the kids over to make sure nothing was inside out or backwards or anything, not to say Bob wasn’t capable of dressing them, but there’d been some interesting wardrobe choices from her husband over the years.  All looked fine and the children were adorable in their new swimsuits.

Sheila grabbed some towels and the little family left the room and headed down the elevator.  A European couple was in the elevator, speaking a foreign language – French, maybe, Sheila thought. As the couple got off the elevator, Sheila realized they’d both been covered by their towels, but the woman’s buttocks peeked out as she moved quickly around the corner. Sheila disapproved. THe lady must be wearing one of those thong bathing suits. How folks could wear those was beyond Sheila. Merely seeing one on the store rack made her feel like she had a wedgie.

They got to the ground floor and nodded a greeting to the man behind the desk. A sign stood by the hotel restaurant saying “Clothing, Please”. Sheila supposed it was a funny way to put those no shirts no service type signs. She remembered the European couple. Maybe the hotel got a lot of foreigners, so they had to simplify their signs.

They walked out onto the beach. As her eyes  wandered from the amazing sight of the ocean to the other beachgoers, they grew wide.

“Mommy, why are all the people nekkid?” asked her daughter. 


Your turn.  Click the link below to sign your name and blog, or, if you don’t have a blog, leave your story as a post here on my blog. As always, please leave a comment.


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