Fiction Friday

December 11, 2008

Hopefully in the future, I’ll get this out a little earlier.  Hubby suggested a twist to creating the story, so we’ll try it his way this week and another way next week and you can decide which is better. 

Here is your assignment: This week, I am going to write a paragraph. It is your task to finish off the story.  I will post my version with a Mr. Linky sign-up so you can show what you wrote.  Here goes:

The doorbell rang. It was late evening and we weren’t expecting anybody. I looked curiously at my better half, who just shrugged and went to answer the door. I held the baby, who was all ready for bed in little Christmas pajamas from Grandma. I took a quick look around the house. It was a mess; the dished still needed to be done from dinner and baby toys were all over the floor. I hoped whoever was at the door wouldn’t want to come in. I looked over as the door opened.

Now it’s your turn. FInish the story however you want. Remember, the challenge is to do a SHORT story, so try not to make it too long.  This is always hard for me, so it’ll be a real challenge. Have fun and I can’t wait to read everyone’s stories.


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