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Storytime Saturday

December 19, 2008

I’ve changed this from Friday to Saturday b/c I can never get it done by Friday

 this week’s plot:

a hotel is a nudist beach

Sheila happily unpacked their bags, humming a little tune as she did. Bob and the kids were changing into their swimsuits. They’d finally had the time and means to go on a family vacation to the shore. They’d found a beautiful little beach resort town with white sand beaches, beautiful oceans, and, Shiela’s favorite, lots of quaint little shops.  There was some kind of festival going on, so finding a place to stay had been difficult, but they’d finally managed to find this place, and had even saved some money by getting a room without a view.

“Honey, we’re all ready. I even put sunscreen on the kids already,” called Bob from the adjoining room they’d gotten for the children. A moment later, he and the kids joined Sheila, who had changed into her swimsuit as soon as they’d gotten into the room. Sheila looked the kids over to make sure nothing was inside out or backwards or anything, not to say Bob wasn’t capable of dressing them, but there’d been some interesting wardrobe choices from her husband over the years.  All looked fine and the children were adorable in their new swimsuits.

Sheila grabbed some towels and the little family left the room and headed down the elevator.  A European couple was in the elevator, speaking a foreign language – French, maybe, Sheila thought. As the couple got off the elevator, Sheila realized they’d both been covered by their towels, but the woman’s buttocks peeked out as she moved quickly around the corner. Sheila disapproved. THe lady must be wearing one of those thong bathing suits. How folks could wear those was beyond Sheila. Merely seeing one on the store rack made her feel like she had a wedgie.

They got to the ground floor and nodded a greeting to the man behind the desk. A sign stood by the hotel restaurant saying “Clothing, Please”. Sheila supposed it was a funny way to put those no shirts no service type signs. She remembered the European couple. Maybe the hotel got a lot of foreigners, so they had to simplify their signs.

They walked out onto the beach. As her eyes  wandered from the amazing sight of the ocean to the other beachgoers, they grew wide.

“Mommy, why are all the people nekkid?” asked her daughter. 


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Writer’s Workshop

December 17, 2008

The Prompts:

1.) Write or share a letter to Santa.

2.) Describe a faovrite Winter memory.

3.) Last night it snowed buckets and you are forced to spend the entire day at home with your family…what’s the plan!?!

4.) What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten/given.

5.) Describe a Christmas tradition that you have started with your own family?

I’m going to go with number 4 this week. I’ll warn you, it’s sappy.

First off, let me just say, I’m horrible at remembering who gave me what and when.  Just ask Hubby. I can rarely remember what he got me for my birthday or anniversary.  This doesn’t mean I’m ungrateful, or don’t like the gifts. I just have an absolutely shitty memory.  I get the occasions all mixed up.

Also, if I were writing this after this upcoming Christmas, I’d say the gift I’m getting this year would be the best, since we’re using my b-day and Christmas money and he’s chipping in the rest and getting me a piano, a really nice digital one (much easier to take care of and find a spot for in the house). I’m so excited!

Anyway, since I haven’t actually gotten the piano yet, I think the best gift I’ve gotten was the first Christmas gift Hubby ever got me. We’d been dating 2-3 months, though we’d known each other longer.We were in college, so for the holidays, we both went our separate ways to be with our families. I went to Florida and he was meeting his family in Australia (every year they went someplace exotic b/c his parents were in China for several years where his dad worked for a while).

So, turns out that before he left on his trip, Hubby ordered a dozen ling-stemmed red roses to be sent to me at my parents’ house. Talk about impressing my mom. I was just amazed he’d thought about me even as he was going on this amazing trip.  When we got back to school, he had another gift for me, too. His family had gone to a casino and he’d won a bunch of money, so right away, before he lost it again the next night at the casino, he bought me a black opal necklace. I still have it. Again, I was just amazed he’d thought of me like that. Needless to say, I was starting to think I had a pretty good guy and several months later when he asked me to marry him, I said yes ( in a pub in Ireland owned by Enya’s father , but that’s another story.


A quick winter memory for you, too:

When I was in jr. high or high school, I forget which, I was home alone. It was December and out tree was up ( a fake tree) next to the piano. Well, apparently, the tree was just irresistible to our cat, who ran up it’s branches. Of course, this was not acceptable behavior and I went to go get the kitty out of the tree. She wouldn’t come out and in the process of tugging her, tugged the tree down on top of me, so I was trapped under the tree (thankfully, the piano stopped it from falling completely down). I extricated myself – the cat was long gone by this time, naturally, and righted the tree. When my mom came home, I got yelled at because some of the ornaments got broken when the tree fell. Moral of the story: if a cat climbs your Christmas tree, just leave it there. maybe put  a little Santa hat on it so it looks decorative.

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Fiction Friday

December 17, 2008

This week, we’ll be doing things a bit differently. Hopefully I’ll get more people involved this week, too. I am going to give you a plot and you write a fictional short story based on that plot. Next week, I’ll give you a couple plots to choose from and you can tell me which you prefer, or if you liked what I did last week with the paragraph that you used to continue the story.

Here’s this week’s plot:

a hotel is a nudist beach

Have fun writing. I’ll post my story and the Mr. Linky on Friday for you to sign up. And, if you don’t have a blog but want to participate, then post your response as a comment here on my blog on Friday.  See you then.


Wednesday’s Word

December 16, 2008


adjective: Irrational, deranged, or insane.

I do believe my child will cause me to go doolally, if not now, then at some point in her lifetime. Bring on the meds! Where’s a therapist when you need one?


Explanation of last week’s writer’s Workshop post

December 15, 2008

The show I was quoting was Pinky and the Brain,originally part of the Animaniacs series.  Here’s a clip of the into. You can find lots of clips on YouTube.


Thought for the day

December 15, 2008

When you feed a baby carrots, it tuns their spit-up orange.


Fiction Friday Storytime

December 12, 2008

The doorbell rang. It was late evening and we weren’t expecting anybody. I looked curiously at my better half, who just shrugged and went to answer the door. I held the baby, who was all ready for bed in little Christmas pajamas from Grandma. I took a quick look around the house. It was a mess; the dished still needed to be done from dinner and baby toys were all over the floor. I hoped whoever was at the door wouldn’t want to come in. I looked over as the door opened.

A large man in a white fur-trimmed (real or faux I couldn’t help wondering) red-velvet suit stood on our doorstep. He wore a stocking cap that matched his outfit, large black boots and a belt with a buckle so big it could only have been bought in one of those tacky souvenir shops. He had a round bearded face with rosy cheeks from the chilly air outside and a big smile on his lips.  My husband just stared in disbelief.  My own eyes were wide in wonderment.

“Santa?” I asked.

“Ho ho ho!” He laughed. “Good evening, you two, or rather, three.” he grinned with a twinkle in his eye at the baby who just cooed and giggled.  That in itself was a miracle since she usually started screaming and wailing as soon as a stranger as much as looked at her.  “Yes, it’s me, Santa.  Now, I know this is unexpected. It’s not even Christmas eve, after all, but I’m stopping to see a few folks before the big night.” He looked in the door and glanced at the couch. “May I come in?” he asked.

“Uh.. oh. Of course. I’m sorry. Please, come in.  Make yourself comfortable. Would you like anything?” I asked in a rush, kicking myself for being rude to Santa.  I mean, Santa, of all people! He really existed and here I was leaving him out in the cold! He made his way inside and took off his gloves and coat, folding them neatly and placing them on the seat beside him as he sat down on our couch.

“No thank you, I’m just fine. Please, have a seat. I’d like to talk to you two if you have a moment?” he asked, looking at the baby in my arms. my husband shook himself out of his shock and closed the door, walking into the living room where we waited. He sat down on one of the chairs, still unable to believe what he was seeing.

“I’ll stand, if you don’t mind. SHe gets fussy sometimes if she’s not moving.” I smiled. “What do you want to talk to us about?” I asked curiously.

“Well,” he answered with a sigh, “As you know, the economy’s down all over the world it’s even hit us up at my workshop. A lot of my savings have flown the coop and all those toys and things for the kiddies don’t just pay for themselves. I’ve even had to lay off some of the elves and sold a few of the reindeer to zoos so stay afloat.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize bad times affected you as much as the rest of us.  It’s not something you think about, quite honestly,” I replied. “But what can we do? Money’s tight for everyone right now.”

“Yes, I know.  ANd I’m not asking for much.  Just that you help me out and buy an extra present to go to some needy child this year. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy or expensive, just a little something for someone who would really appreciate a gift. I won’t be able to make it to everyone this year, so I could really use your help. And ask your friends, too.  If you tell people and they tell people, Then a lot of kids could get a special present under the tree. Can you do this for me?” he asked, a desperate note in his voice.

 My husband and I looked at each other. “Of course,” I responded. “That’s no trouble at all. In fact, it’s something  we can easily do every year.”

Santa looked relieved and stood up, gathering his things. “Oh, thank you,” he said, a grin on his face again as he put on his coat and gloves. “Remember to spread the word. I’ve got to go talk to other folks and get them to give, too.  Thank you again, so much.” he said as he walked to the door. We followed him and my husband help open the door for the jolly man. “Have a wonderful night and a very merry Christmas!” He grinned at us and tickled my daughter on her chin, eliciting a giggle. THen, he was gone without another word. My husband closed the door and we just stared at each other with dumbfounded grins.  A buzzer started going off and I turned to see what it could be that was so ruining the mood of this magical evening…

My eyes opened and I turned off the alarm clock.  Wow. What a dream.  Guess I’ll have to go shopping for a little gift.


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