Wednesday’s Wordt

November 26, 2008



conjunction, adverb: Therefore.

By alteration of the Latin ergo (therefore). The word argal is usually used to indicate that the reasoning presented is ludicrous.

I’m having trouble thinking of a way to use this, since it says the reasoning has to be “ludicrous”. It’s my birthday today (yea!) but I’m coming down with a cold (boo!) so my brain’s a bit fuddled. Oh, and I apologize for any typos this week. I’m using Hubby’s laptop while we’re on vacation and I’m not used to the keys. How about this: When I came down here, I was healthy. Both my niece and nephes were sick and I was around them and so was everyone else for the single day we’ve been here, argal I must have gotten my cold from them.

OK, in reality, I probably caught it from the sick cashier at the Target during one of the few trips I made out of the house in the past few weeks. Figures, right? Hopefully Princess won’t get sick too. We’re enjoying the week at the beach in the Outer Banks where Hubby’s brother lives. The family rented a house right on the ocean and I can fall asleep listening to the waves. How great is that?! Today we went to the aquarium here and Princess absolutely loved it. She just stared and stared at the fish. Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, so I want to wish everyone a happy turkey day! I’m going to sign off now since this keyboard is very loud and keeps waking Princess up as i type. I will try to do the Writer’s Workshop tomorrow, but no guaruntees. Later!


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