Wednesday’s Word

November 19, 2008

Today’s Word is: 


(pro-LIKS, PRO-liks)  


adjective: Tediously wordy.

This would be a good scrabble word. It’s kind of interesting that this word came up. I am currently listening to Emma, by Jane Austen,  online while I feed Princess and get her to go to sleep.  I figure, she’s too little to look at the books right now anyway, and it’s mostly the sound of a voice reading to her that’s important, so I might as well listen to something I want to hear, right? (And before anyone complains, I also read books to her, just not when I’m putting her to bed. That way she can be awake and interact with – read that as eat – the books. Would this be considered prolix?) One of the character in the book could be described as prolix, since she’s always going on about things.  There are a lot of good authors, especially of the classics, that could be considered wordy, too. The book that comes to mind is Les Miserables. I like the book (I read it back in high school), but I remember there being pages written just to describe a street that used to be called such and such and was now (when the book was written) called something different, etc.  Don Quixote is like this, too. I started to read it, but have yet to make it very far through.

Anyway, I’m done with being prolix for the night. Time for me to go to bed. Talk at ya later!


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