Last Week’s Writer’s Workshop Cont….

November 13, 2008

I looked up, and there, at the entrance to the igloo was…

A man. He was gazing at me with deep blue eyes. He ran a hand through his dark chocolate brown hair and smiled at me.

“I was wondering when you were going to wake up, Sleepyhead,” he greeted me.  Who was this man? And why was he speaking to me in so familiar a way? Did I know him? I simply stared, puzzled.  Why couldn’t I remember if I knew him or not? For that matter, why couldn’t I remember how I’d gotten here? “Fae? You feeling all right?” he asked.

Fae? Was that my name? I racked my brain. It seemed there was a glimmer of recognition, but I wasn’t sure. The man came over to me, a concerned look on his face.

“Honey, Are you okay?” He asked again.

“Who… where am I?” I questioned, figuring I’d start with the easiest puzzle first.

“What do you mean where are you? Don’t you remember?” His forehead grew lined as he saw my confusion. “You were the one who chose this place for us to stay.” He held out a hand to help me up. I hesitated, then took the offered hand and stood, following him out of the igloo.  We exited into a winter landscape. Or, what I thought was a winter landscape.  Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a large room, painted with an arctic scene on the walls. It looked so real. I turned around and looked at the igloo.  It too looked real, but on touching the wall, I realized the “ice” blocks were fabric.  It hadn’t dawned on me to wonder why it was so warm inside a structure that was supposed to be made of ice, even though there was no sign of fire or a heater. A skylight in the ceiling above us let in light. There were two doors in the room, painted to blend into the scene.

I looked around in amazement. “Where is this place?” I asked.

“The hotel.  You chose it.  You wanted to stay in this room so we could pretend to cuddle up to stay warm.” His mouth turned into a slight grin at his words, but the concern never left his eyes. “Why don’t you sit down.” He pushed a large fabric block, made to look like ice, towards me. I touched it and felt that it was solid, and sat on it. He knelt in front of me. “You really don’t remember this place?” he asked. I shook my head slowly, regretting that I had to disappoint this kind man.  He ran his hand through his hair again and took a deep breath. “Okay. What do you remember?” he asked.

I knitted my brows, trying to remember something. “I think I remember who I am…My name is Fae, I’m…..” I paused, then something came to me. “I’m 27 years old. I grew up in illinois, but i went to college in California. I’m an artist… Is that right?” I asked him, wanting to make sure.” He nodded his head.  I stared at him, wishing I could remember him. I ducked my head, not wanting to see his eyes. “I’m sorry. I don’t remember who you are, or why I’m here.  Or even where here is.” I explained.  

“The girls brought you back here last night passed out. I thought you were just drunk or something.” he said as he stood up and paced. “Did something happen?” He paused, as if expecting an answer, then went on, “of course, you don’t remember.  Just stay here. I’m going to find a doctor and call someone to find out what happened.” I just nodded miserably.  WHy couldn’t I remember.  And what girls was he talking about? Why would have I been so drunk? That didn’t seem like the me I remembered.  The man went through one of the doors. I heard him talking… on the telephone? I couldn’t make out the words, though, so I stared at the painted walls, marveling at the realness of the images. To think, I’d believed I really was in an igloo. I almost laughed at myself.

The man came back in. “All right. The hotel is calling a doctor for me. I talked to Kristen. She said you fell at the club and banged your head pretty hard. You seemed fine, but I guess you passed out later in the evening. That’s why they thought you’d just had too much to drink.” He knelt down in front of me again and grabbed my hand. “Don’t worry. We’ll figure this out.” He promised. He sounded so sincere. I just nodded.

A knock sounded on one of the doors, the one he hadn’t gone through before, and we both jumped. He went and answered it.

To be continued….


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  1. Ooooh…I like where you’re headed with this! Way to get them out of the igloo. 🙂

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