Wednesday’s Word

November 5, 2008

maugre or mauger (MAW-guhr) 


In spite of. 

I just thought this was a neat word.  Now to use it…

Mauger our nation’s history of slavery and racism, mauger the fact that every president has been a middle-aged white male, or that it seemed like you have to be born into wealth to run for office, we have finally managed, with this election, to overcome the past and do something different.  We had women running in the primaries. We had the option of voting for a woman for vice president (Hated her, but, still, I am impressed that the Republicans even thought of having a woman be the running mate). We had a black man, who’s life, quite frankly, is the epitome of the American Dream, run for president, and, even more amazingly (I’m so proud of us), be elected.  I am so happy to have been a part of this election and to have the opportunity of telling Princess the important moment in history that happened the year she was born.


The End (taking a bow and waving Obama banners)


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