What I did on Saturday (and Friday, and Sunday)

November 3, 2008

We had a busy weekend.  Friday, I dressed Princess up in her costume and headed off to hang out with a mommy’s group.  I figured, since she wouldn’t be going trick-or-treating, and by the time people came around for candy she’d be in bed, it was the only chance to dress her up and show off.  Everyone liked the costume and thought she was very cute.  It’s always nice to have a little ego boost when people like something you’ve made (I suppose that applies to both the costume and the child, lol).  We met at a coffee shop and then walked down the block to a little park where hte older kids could run around and toddle.  It’s so fun seeing little kids in costumes.  We had a couple of monkeys, a ninja, a duckie, a pumpkin, and a white tiger.

Saturday, I went for a massage at noon.  I realized that it’s been 2 or 3 years since I last had a massage.  And boy did I need it.  I think I still need another hour or more just on my shoulders.  They are always the worst.  All of my stress goes there, plus, it’s where all the weight goes when I carry Princess around.  My lower back’s pretty bad, too, but I’m being cautious about having too much pressure there, since the nerves and everything is still healing on my stomach from the c-section.  I also had to ask the guy for an extra towel to place under my boobs, just in case I leaked. lol.  Thankfully, he’s a nursing student, so the request didn’t really phase him.  After my massage Hubby and I (and Princess, of course) went to look at gps units for our new car, because I’ve realized I’m a really bad driver when I’m trying to look for something.  We’ll get one off of Amazon, since it’s usually waay cheaper (Hubby and I were wondering how the regular stores stay in business anymore – I figure there are still a lot of people who are nervous about buying online) but I wanted to see them in person to compare.  We also looked at digital pianos.  I really want a piano, and traditional pianos are just too expensive and bulky, not to mention, you have to get them tuned all the time, so I figure a digital piano is fine.  I was supposed to get one when I got my Master’s degree, but life kind of intervened in that endeavor.  I unfortunately do not have the willpower and drive to do something when it’s not needed and when I’m tired from work, etc.  And, though I’d like to finish it, I think at this point it’s past the point of no return.  But, I’d still really like a piano, and I’d like Princess to grow up with a piano.

On Saturday, since it was a really nice, warm day out, I also dressed Princess up in her costume and we had fun taking pictures of her outside with the leaves.

Sunday, Princess and I headed out to a friend’s house for a jewelry party.  princess wasn’t too bad.  I think she ran through her entire emotional gamut in the few hours we were there, and she had a melt down on the way home.  I realize now it was probably because she was all off from the time change.  GO figure – the first night she actually slept through the whole night and didn’t wake up until 7 am, we realized we had to turn back the clocks and it was only 6.  Oh well.  I’m hoping she’ll sleep through again.  She’s definitely learning to self-sooth and her naps are starting to get longer, which means I actually have time to do stuff during the day – like make Christmas presents.  I can’t discuss them here, since some of the recipients read the blog, but I’ll post pics after Christmas.

Oh, and we sold the piece-of-shit beater car.  A guy gave us $700 and towed it away.  Yea!!


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