Wednesday’s Word

October 30, 2008

Yes, I know, it’s Thursday.  So sue me.

The Word of the Day for October 29, 2008 is:

superficies • \soo-per-FISH-eez\  • noun

1 : a surface of a body or a region of space
2 : the external aspects or appearance of a thing

 I am very concerned with the superficies of life.  Yes, I admit, i am materialistic.  I want things shiny and new and pretty.  And a big factor is that I worry about what people think about me.  Always have. Of course, I am not rich, never have been, and probably never will be (I blame this on Hubby – i married him for his potential, then he turned around and decided to go for a PhD and will probably be making less when he’s done than he was before he got it… now tell me that’s not screwed up).  I’m still waiting to win the big lottery – granted, that means playing it and remembering to check the numbers – or for that long lost rich relative.  But, i accept, begrudgingly, the fact that I can never have that comfy luxury car with heated seats and memory sear positions and all the bells and whistles, or amazing clothes (though, seriously, I don’t think I could ever spend $200 on a blouse or $700 on a pair of shoes), or all the cool gadgets I want, or all the crafting supplies I could ever want, or all the neat decorative thing for the house, or jewelry, etc., etc.  So, I just want a lot of stuff, knowing I will probably never in my life get it.  Is that necessarily a bad thing?  I mean, I am at least realistic.  For instance, when we were looking at cars, I WANTED a new car and really liked the luxury features of the Volvo (not to mention the built in booster seats in the back and huge trunk space) but I knew we couldn’t afford that, so picked another car.  And though, I will always wish that we could have gotten the top car, I am satisfied and will be content with what I got.  And isn’t that what matters?

And here’s a quick side-rant question.  Why do magazines and the style section for the newspaper only ever show the really expensive stuff for clothes, etc.?  I mean, really – how many people out there would really pay $700 for a pair of shoes?



  1. Somebody must pay for it… those who make up the top 5% of our society, I guess. Take it from one who has a lot of stuff… from years past. It’s like a weight around your neck. I’m struggling to get rid of it. To live free (of stuff and clutter) is to find inner peace.

  2. I used to love finding new words & writing them down, then using them to write something. I don’t do that any more, so I’ll just be dropping by on Wednesdays (or Thursdays – I’m not a lawyer) to get my new fix from you!

    Ever play Balderdash? If not – you’d love it!

    This word is fun to say! SUPER FISHIES!!!

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