October 28, 2008

Sorry I haven’t been posting much.  Life with mom visiting is hectic.  She’s home now.  My dad is in the hospital.  They found colon cancer at his colonoscopy a few weeks ago and had to bring him in for an operation to remove a small section of his colon.  My mom said he did fine in the operation and everything is looking good for now.  He’ll have to be in the hospital all week, though.  Hospital stays are not fun.  I remember my stay when Princess was born.  It was a few days longer than normal because of the emergency c-section and my preeclampsia. So, please say a prayer or thought or whatever to whomever that my dad heals quickly and well.

Now for some good news.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Princess.  While my mom was here, she started turning over from her back to her tummy.  I’d been practicing with her, rolling her over on her mat, but she started doing it on her own, and a lot.  Of course, she’s not always quite sure what to do once she gets on her belly, but she’s figuring out how to get her arms up under her.  I guess I’m going to have to really be careful where I leave her now when I put her down.  Now she just needs to learn to flip the other way and she can roll around to her little heart’s content.  I’m still waiting for the day she can sit up on her own and I can put her on a blanket with some toys to play.

Today’s big breakthrough was Princess has learned to self-sooth!  Yea!!!!!  This is doing wonders for my productivity.  Previously, she was only doing 45 minute stretches per nap.  So, basically, by the time I got her sleeping (plus the 10 or so minutes staying in the room to make sure she STAYS asleep), I had about 30 minutes to eat, nap, do laundry, work, etc. etc.  She naps about 4 times a day.  It doesn’t add up to much.  So, today, I was in the basement and I heard her wake up, so I went upstairs to the nursery to get her.  By the time I got there, to my great astonishment and joy, she was happily sucking away at her thumb (the pacifier had long since fallen out of her mouth), sleeping away.  I couldn’t believe it.  She did this at all of her naptimes today.  now, the real test will be how she sleeps tonight.  Of course, I am also re-starting the unswaddling process.  I tried when my mom was here, but stopped because she kept waking herself up around 1, 1:30 am.  But now that she’s turning over, she really needs to be unswaddled.  So, I’m hoping if she does wake herself up, she’ll self-sooth and go right back to sleep.  Cross your fingers.

Oh, and since she had such great naps today, I managed to finally finish her Halloween costume.  Tomorrow I’ll try and post pics and instructions of how I made it.  Till then, good night to all.


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