What I did on Saturday

October 25, 2008

Ok, first, I apologize for no foto Friday this week.  It’s been a hectic couple of days.  My plans Friday were to take it easy and take advantage of having my mother here to watch the baby while I went out and got a massage.  I’ve been wanting one since I was pregnant (I had one scheduled, and a few days before, I was put in bedrest – talk about unfair), so I was really looking forward to the massage.  I came downstairs in the morning to find Hubby still home and found out that his piece-of-shit car had finally bit the dust.  The transmission started going a while ago and he decided he just wanted to drive it until it died. Well, he got his wish.  So, instead of a massage, we spent Friday test driving cars.  Now, to be fair, we had already started looking at cars and drove a few last weekend, but we were hoping to trade in Hubby’s car and were going to really look for a good price.  Well, out time table was moved up a bit.  On Saturday, after deciding on the car make and model we wanted, we hunted down the used ones we liked on the internet and went to buy a car.

The car we ended up with is a mazda5. I really liked the volvo V70, but the gas mileage is pretty crappy on it and it’s waaaaay too expensive for us.  Sigh.  Someday I’ll have luxury.  We also looked at the Suburu Outback.  A decent car with a nice amount of space.  We decided on the mazda because it’s bigger than it looks, has an extra row of seating if you need it (kinda nice when a seat’s taken up with a car seat), and a good amount of cargo space.  It also drives more like a regular car. And it was cheaper than the others.

So, we found one online with a nav system for really cheap.  We called the dealership and they said they’d transfered it to a sister-dealership that was actually closer to us.  We saw that dealership had it listed for a hight price and called them and they said they’d honor the other price.  The car wasn’t too bad, but when we went to negotiate, they refused to go to the lower price we’d seen, saying it was from another dealership, so they wouldn’t honor it.  They wouldn’t go down low enough, so we said screw it and walked away.  We had a list of other cars to look at.  The nav system was nice, but not that nice. I’d rather spend the money on a really good after-market one. And since I disliked them so much, It was Brown’s Mazda of Fairfax.

So we went to our second choice.  The people at this place (Brown’s mazda, Alexandria – same name, very different service) were great and the car was in good condition.  It’s a 2007 Touring model (in between basic and “the works”) and the price we got was perfect.  So, we have a new car.  We called my mom to let her know and she said the other dealership had called and said they were willing to come down on the price.  She said she enjoyed telling them off. lol.  So, as Hubby says, we are now middle-aged with a (mini) minivan/ family car.  Now i get to have fun researching a nav system.  Yea!

And mom went home so no more babysitter and back to life as it was.


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