What I did on Saturday… er… Friday

October 17, 2008

I’m flipping things around.  Foto Friday will be on Saturday this week.  Today, we went to the zoo with my mom (Mom Mom to Princess).  Hubby had a meeting with his prof who lives in D.C. near the zoo, so he dropped us off on his way and met back up with us when he was done.  If you haven’t been, I highly recommend the National Zoo.  We’ve been several times, now, and I can’t wait until Princess if old enough to recognize the animals when we go.  The weather was perfect – low 60’s and sunny – for walking around all day.  Princess wore her little leopard print dress (though the onesie under it had to be changed before we left the house since she had an explosive diaper – I wonder if anyone’s ever measured the volume that comes out of a baby’s butt) and her little brown and pink leg warmers I got on Etsy.com and looed sooo cute!  When it got a little chilly later in the day, I put on her little pink jacket with bear ears that my brother got her.  I’ll post pics once I get them uploaded.

We started with lunch (since we got there around one) and I tried to feed Princess, but she decided to have a minor meltdown.  She was probably tired and over-stimulated since she’d only napped a little in the car and not much at all this morning. I’m amazed she didn’t just sleep all day since it took a while to get her back to sleep when she woke for her night feed (around 3:30 am last night).  I’m going to take a side rant here – skip to the next paragraph if you don’t wanna read it.  Hubby agreed to put Princess back to bed after I feed her on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Basically, the days he doesn’t have to get up early.  On those days, he also usually takes her after I feed her and he takes his shower, so that I can grab an extra hour or so of sleep to make up for all the missed sleep earlier in the week.  He used to take the mid-morning feeding, too, but it’s been harder to do since she’s getting up later in the morning and that feeding is pushed back until I’m usually up and downstairs anyway.  So last night, I ask him to take her after I feed her and he tells me I can either have him take her now or in the morning.  Uh… this isn’t an either or, thing.  It’s both.  By the end of the week I’m so frustrated at being up for an hour every night that I get angry with Princess when she won’t go to sleep quickly, something I don’t like.  And I really need that extra hour of sleep in the morning.  I’m already low on sleep as it is. So he begrudgingly takes her to put her back to sleep.  First, he puts her in the crib and turns on the mobile.  Read: loud mobile right by the monitor with starts that shine on the ceiling.  So, the music comes through the monitor into the bedroom where I’m trying to go back to sleep and she sees the stars and thinks it’s fun.  So she wakes up more and wants to play is all noisy.  He finally figures out that’s not working and goes back tot he normal method of rocking her.  of course, she’s pretty wound up at this point so she’s really noisy.  I’m annoyed at not being able to sleep, so I just give up and take her from him and get her back to sleep myself – as usual.  Of course, I’m so pissed off by the time I get back in bed, mostly at Hubby, that it takes me forever to fall asleep.  Sigh.  I love my husband, I love my husband, I love my husband…

OK,  Rant over.  Back to the story.  So, Princess has a minor meltdown when I try to feed her.  She managed to eat a little in between sobs (why does she only do this in public?).  We change her and she cheers up, then I decide to take her to feed her a little more and she starts crying again.  I figure, forget it, she at something at least.  if she’s hungry later, she’ll let me know.  So we saw the Panda bears and the red pandas (they’re so cute, Google them if you’ve never seen one) and headed over to the bird area.  I’ve never seen the birds because we always starts from the opposite side of the zoo and are too exhausted by the time we get there.  It was so fun walking around the zoo right now because they had little scenes set up for Halloween.  Next weekend they’re doing a thing for kids, so they were setting up for it.  There were skeletons playing pool, a skeleton wedding, skeleton butterfly catchers, pirates, lion and tiger cutouts with fairy wings, etc.  And they had graveyards with various extinct species.  I thought that was a neat touch.

By this time, Hubby was already done with his meeting and came to meet up with us. We had a pleasant day walking through the rest of the zoo.  I played with the zoom lens on my camera and got some neat shots, especially of the tigers ( I love tigers, by the way – they’re my absolute favorite animal.  My whole living room is decorated with tigers that I’ve drawn). Princess was fascinated by the lion roaring.

When the day was all done, we headed home and picked up some Thai food for dinner.  Then Hubby headed out for his monthly poker game with his classmates and my mom and I vegged in front of the TV.  All-in-all, a roaring good time.


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