Writers Workshop

October 15, 2008

The Prompts:

1.) Recall a time when you did something to get noticed. Write about it.

2.) Begin with “I wish someone told me…”

3.) If you could rearrange three things about your life what would they be?

4.) What do you love to create?

OK,  Here goes.

1) Can’t think of anything, unless you count being involved in theater and singing growing up. I’ve always been a weird combo of loving to be the center of attention bu being too shy to actually do much to get that way.

2) I wish someone told me how much work a baby is and how frustrating it can be at times.  There are moments when I just want to scream and can’t wait until princess is old enough that I can yell at her for a reason and not feel guilty doing so.  Also, how much my life would change after having a child. There is so much that I can’t do right now that I feel is intrinsically linked to who I am as a person.  It’s hard to take sometimes.

3) rearrange three things…I’d have a lot more money (preferably from selling my art), have a great big house (with a maid to clean it), and be an organized and non-procrastinating person.

4) It would probably be shorter to answer what don’t I love to create.  I’m an artist by profession.  My job is to create logos, books, magazines, ads, etc. on the computer.  I love my job.  On the side, I draw, take photos, paint, knit, make jewelry, sew, scrapbook, make cards, etc., etc., etc.  When it comes to arts and crafts, you name it, I probably want to try it.  Unfortunately (and this goes back to what I said in number 2) my time for these things is seriously limited nowadays, though I’m starting to get some projects started again.  It’s hard not to have that outlet to de-stress myself.  On a positive note, I’m learning to work on things in the short batches of time that I have.  Maybe I’ll declare one day a month art day and make Hubby take Princess (except for feeding, since I’m breastfeeding and my body can only take him giving her a bottle – I pump so I can have a break now and then – so many times) so I can draw or craft or whatever to my heart’s content.

Like that will happen. And ot’s not quite as deep and abstract as Mama Kat’s answer… too bad.

For other folks’ responses:

Oh, and make sure you check yesterday’s post for a little challenge of my own to you all.  Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I don’t have children but I can imagine how hard it is sometimes.. I could see myself needing a lot of Art Days Each Month..lol.

    How fun to be able to create for a career..to cool.

  2. I totally agree with everything you said. I have four kids and there are moments where I just want to lock myself in my room. My “me” time is very limited unless i leave the house which sort of defeats the purpose.

    I loved reading your post. Your work intrigues me. I would love to get paid for being creative. I feel like we have a lot in common. 🙂

    I see your other comment was from a becky too… not me. I am this becky LOL. Hope you get an art day all to yourself real soon.

  3. Ah yes – we do have graphics in common – & other arty things. Jewelry is art in its way. I’m still very new at that.

    It would have been nice to know how much a baby changes our lives. I have 4 & I don’t think the need for time for ourselves ever goes away! Just make sure you get it or you might lose your mind! I don’t often get time for me & they tell me I’m sane, but I just don’t believe it.

    Another thing it seems we have in common – procrastination. I’ll tell you about that later. 😉

  4. I felt the same way back when my kids were infants, but be careful what you might wish for. I now fight for every stolen moment I can get with my kids. Keep your nice site going and keep up the creative work. GB

    ps I like the Wednesday’s Words. I’ll peek back in for those!!

  5. Wow! Sounds like you’ve got some serious talent!! I don’t think asking hubby to take the kids away once in awhile is asking too much…pay him with beer or something. 😉

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