Wednesday’s Word (with bonus writing challenge)

October 15, 2008

So, there were two words I considered for today.  THe first:

otiose \OH-shee-ohs; OH-tee-\, adjective:
1. Ineffective; futile.
2. Being at leisure; lazy; indolent; idle.
3. Of no use.

I wish this described me nowadays.  I could stand to be lazy and idle.  At heart, I am a lazy bum.  I can’t be that way since I had a kid.  I miss leisurely days sitting on the couch just reading or watching TV, naps when I wanted, etc.  But this word just makes me depressed.  So, on to word two:

univocalic (yoo-niv-uh-KAL-ik)  
1) noun: A piece of writing that uses only one of the vowels.
2) adjective: Using only one vowel.

USAGE: “Most notably, [Christian Bök’s] 2001 Eunoia, seven years in the making, became Canada’s bestselling poetry book ever — an incredible feat for such explicitly experimental writing. No comforting fluff here; in the main portion, each chapter employs but a single vowel (e.g., “Enfettered, these sentences repress free speech”), a univocalic constraint.” FUN FACT: The longest one word univocalic is strengthlessness.
This word sounds interesting and I figured I could challenge my brain (what little of it is left after two nights with little sleep).  So here is the writing challenge for myself and any who dare to try:
Write a univocalic sentence, poem, or short (very short) story.  I am going to do a poem with a different vowel per line.  Here goes:
Fly by my cry
Fast and far.
As stars fall
In night’s bright light
I sit still, sighing.
Fool, post no words
Of poor old bonds,
Tiring, thin.
See every eve
As grand and wax
Not on, brows down,
lips thin, hiding in things.
Look to the moon.
Sing his rising.
Up, unstuck
Be here.
Your turn.

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