Book Reviews

October 7, 2008

Today’s book reviews are on the following books (If you like any books I review and want to buy them, follow the Amazon link at the bottom of the sidebar and I get credit):

Kushiel’s Mercy (Kushiel’s Legacy) by Jacqueline Carey

This is the last book in a series (so far, at least) that takes place in an alternate world/history based on Europe.  The first 3 books focus on one generation and the next three focus on the second generation, though the older character still play major roles in the story.  It’s interesting reading the series because you can really see the author develop.  The series starts out as basically fantasy smut with just enough story and character development to keep you interested in reading the next book.  By the last book, all you care about is the characters and what is happening to them.  Very well written.  There are still sex scenes, but they are few and far between and not nearly as graphic.  Of course, the major characters live in a land where the religion is founded on the principal of love as you will, so you have to have sex.  Warning, there is a lot of violence in the books, but there’s a happy ending, so it’s okay.  I liked the series a lot and look forward the other things by the author.

A Lick of Frost (Meredith Gentry, Book 6) by Laurell K. Hamilton

Another book in a series.  This series is completely fantasy-based smut, but it’s fun.  There’s enough of a plot to keep it going and the characters are interesting.  Though, amazingly, the whole first half of the book had no sex scenes.  If you read any of the other books in the series, you’ll understand my shock.  THe basic plot is that the main character is a half-mortal princess of Faerie who’s been raised in the human world.  Her Aunt is Queen of the Unseelie court (the “bad” fairies) and makes her the heir on the condition that she becomes pregnant.  So she basically takes a bunch of lovers, who are also her guards, since several people are trying to kill her.  In the first books of the series, they run a detective agency, but that part of the story is pretty much gone by this book.  Fun quick reads.  This one does have some emotion in it, but nothing you need to get the hankie out for.

The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish by Neil Gaiman and Dave Mckean

This is a children’s book and I LOVED it.  So cute and the story is great.  A kid trades his dad (who is apparently completely oblivious to the world around him when he’s reading the newspaper) to a friend for 2 goldfish.  His mom makes him go get his dad back, but he finds the dad’s been traded for something else, and so on.

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and Dave Mckean

I just finished this one.  A quick read, meant for teens.  A few scary parts (the opening scene is a man with a knife who’s come to murder the main character) so I wouldn’t recommend it for younger or more sensitive kids. It’s well written, with a good mix of suspense, humor, and heart.  It’s all about a child who ends up living in a graveyard and being raised by the ghosts there.  Definitely leaves you wanting more and I wonder if there will be a sequel.  I highly recommend it.


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