What I did on Saturday – Renaissance Edition

October 5, 2008

Saturday was a lovely day spent at the Maryland Renaissance (I always forget if it’s two n’s or two s’s in that word – you’d think someone who studied art history would know this) Faire.  It’s just on the other side of D.C. from us, about an hour’s drive, so it was a perfect day trip.  It’s the longest we’ve had Princess in the car, too.  We met some friends up there and they’ve been before, so told us to get there early.  Thank goodness we did.  We got there a few minutes after it opened and already the parking places were filling up.  And on the way home in the afternoon, the cars were backed up for miles.

Princess did great on the way up, slept most of the way.  She hates stop lights, by the way.  As soon as we stop she starts to cry.  Then, the minute the car starts up again, she’s perfectly happy.  of course, she’s like that with a lot of things.  Absolutely hates standing still if we hold her or when she’s in her carriage.  On the way up, our friend called and said she’d be a little late, so we figured we’d feed Princess in car when we got there while we waited.  Well, Princess decided that wasn’t happening.  First, she had a big old leaky diaper, so I had to clean that up.  And, you know, there’s not really a lot of room on the back seat of a car when most of it’s taken up by the baby car seat.  So, i finally got that all cleaned up and she decided to have a minor meltdown.  I tried to feed her and she was having non of that.  Hubby took her and walked her around outside for a few minutes until she calmed down and I tried feeding her again.  She started wailing again.  Sigh.  It’s amazing how loud she can be in public.  And she’s usually a pretty quiet baby at home.  So, I’m trying to quiet her and get her to feed, all the while thinking people must  be imagining me abusing my child or something ot make her scream so loud, and I’m getting more and more frustrated.  So, Hubby took her once again and walked with her and she quieted down again.  I took her back, but this time I just told Hubby to stand there and I didn’t use the feeding cover thingie and I don’t know if she was just finally calmed down enough or if she jsut wanted to be able to look at stuff, but she finally ate.  All I can say is it’s a good thing she’s cute.

Renaissance Welcom

Renaissance Welcome

So, the Fair was really cool, though it was a little hard to see everything, between the baby and our friend’s 3 year old, we couldn’t really stand still much.  We saw some jousting, which was very cool, and stopped at some shops.  I actually found a couple of Christmas gifts (self-reminder: rant on the holiday plans later this week) and we got ourselves a really cool print of a pair of dragons playing pool to put in our basement (the “game room/library”).  Princess was great and I can’t wait to take her next year all dressed up like a little princess or fairy.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see any costumes for itty bitty kids in the stores.  I didn’t dress up.  Our friend decided not to, since her husband couldn’t make it and it’s kinda hard to bend over to take care of a kid in a bodice, so I didn’t bother.  Plus, the dress I have (I made it a couple of years ago for Halloween – I’ll try to wear it and take a pic this year) isn’t really conducive to breastfeeding.  I have decided to look around for a pattern for a bodice to make for myself.  And maybe look for a pattern for something for Princess.  If it laces and uses elastic, it should fit her for several years.  Hubby has a renaissance shirt and a vest that I made him several years ago that he can wear, too.


Knight Rider

Knight Rider



Buckled Up

Buckled Up








Medieval Bras

Medieval Bras



Anyway, the Faire was fun and a good time was had by all.  We left tired but happy, and, after a quick feed in the car for Princess, headed on home.


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