What to do with a phone book

October 2, 2008

As promised, I perused the web looking for ideas of what to do with the free phone books piling up on your doorstep.  Here are my favorites:

1) Old phone books are great for spontaneous art projects with my kids. There are hundreds of pictures, logos and drawings they can cut out and glue onto construction paper.

2) Use the books to help children learn to look up words and practice finding things from alphabetical lists. Give younger kids easy words to look up (dog sitter, school supplies), and challenge older kids to find harder things like lava lamp repair, or the corporate phone number of the local grocery store chain.

3) Use them to press flowers

4) Improvised dart-boards

5) Administer you’re own impromptu lottery
Pick a name at random out of the residential section, and mail that person a buck. 
Or you could pick 50 names, and address envelopes to them. Then type out 49 “Dear recipient, you may already be a loser!” letters, and one winning letter. Stuff the envelopes at random and let ’em be mailed. Not even you will know the real winner. . . . 

6) coasters for your potted plants
Right after you water, the excess “flow-through” dribbles everywhere. SO use a phonebook as a coaster. It absorbs the mess. 

7) For kindling; starting a fire in the fireplace 

8) Got a cat? Cats have claws that need to be sharpened. Save your sofa, give em’ a phone directory.

9) Got a cat box? The phone directory is super absorbent for both number 1’s and number 2’s.

10) Furniture levelers: got a problem table? A few pages of the phone directory is all you need.

11) Landscaping Applications: Start a trend with yellow mulch, or use the phone directory for all of your composting applications.

12.) Door stops: Time to air out the house? The phone directory is heavy enough to hold open most doors.

13.) Oil on the garage floor? Not anymore. The phone directory is perfect for all of your toxic spill clean ups.

14) Monitor riser: When you are googling or searching the Internet for a local business: proper posture and monitor height are essential. The phone directory makes for an ideal monitor riser.

15) Instant stool.  Did that light bulb in the kitchen go out again? Use the phone directory to get the height advantage that you need.

16) Bathroom emergencies: keep a phone directory in your bathroom for those unexpected toilet paper shortages. Not necessarily super soft, but it does do in a pinch.

17) overlap each page of two phonebooks together and have fun like they did on Mythbusters.  Check it out here.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas?  Make sure and post them here.  And if you have pics of your ideas, send them in.


One comment

  1. Wow. Ummm, I’ve got nothing. In fact, I don’t think I’d even use one of those uses. Maybe use the ink on the pages to rub on your face to create a camoflauge when you’re planning to rob someone in the middle of the night?

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