Literary Review

September 26, 2008

My book reports

I finished the book I was reading, and I figured I might as well give a review for a bunch of books at once, since  I’ve read them all over the past couple of weeks.  So here goes:
The icebound Land and Battle for Skandia by John Flanagan
These are part of hte same series, so I’ll review them as one.  I actually already read the first one, but it had been a while, so I decided to re-read it  before reading the most recent release.  THis is a YA fantasy fiction series in an alternate historical world based very much on Europe.  THe main character is an orphan who is apprenticed to be a Ranger, basically a scout/spy/woodsman type of thing.  THese books focus on what happens after he and the princess are kidnapped by Skandians (basically Norse) to be slaves.  I like the series.  It’s very well written.  A new book is coming out soon and I’m already on the waiting list at hte library.

Don’t hex with Texas : a novel by Shanna Swendson
A fun read.  Again, part of a series.  This is fantasy romantic comedy.  Basically a girl moves to New York and discovers she is immune to magic and is recruited by a company that is the “microsoft of spells” and other magic stuff.  TUrns out magic, wizards, fairies, and gargoyles are all real.  As I said, it’s a romance, so, of course, she has a crush on someone at work – a magical person of course.  In this book, she’s back home in Texas, avoiding him so he can focus on hunting down the major villain in the series. THen, she finds out someone’s using magic in her town.  Lots of good twists.  A fun read and a happy ending.

First among sequels by Jasper Fforde
I really like this author’s books.  THis is part of a series set in an alternate reality to ours where time travel is real and there are secret organizations like literary detectives.  The main character can actually go into books and has to solve problems that are happening in the book world (the author’s other series are mystery novels where hte detective is Jack Spratt and the mysteries are all nursery rhyme characters).  This books happens 14 years after the previous ones.  THe main character lives her life, keeping secret from her husband that she is still a part of the secret literary force and still goes into the book world.  The ability to time travel will end soon if her son doesn’t join the time traveling force, books are being turned into reality TV shows, Her uncle turns up as a ghost, and lots of fun things happen.  These are great books if you’re into reading because of all the literary references.

That’s it for now.  I’ll report in next week when I finish my current read.  So go sit down and read a book.  Now.  What are you waiting for?


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