Writer’s Workshop

September 25, 2008

TodAy’s topic is:

10 things I believe in…

1. God.  This is not as apparent as it would seem, at least not in my group of friends and family.  Maybe I just know too many mathematicians and scientists.

2. THe inherent goodness of people.  I do think people are basically good.  I admit that there are those that aren’t, but I don’t think they started out that way.  They are either sick or something was done to them that made them the way they are.

3. Murphy’s Law.  ENough said.

4. Education is good.  Duh, right?  But you’d be surprised at how many things could be better in this world if people were just educated about them.  Bigotry, racism, sexism, teenage pregnancies, etc.  Ignorance is such a big factor in these things.

5. My child is a mind reader.  I mean it.  SHe knows exactly when I am about to eat, go to the bathroom, make dinner, do laundry, go to sleep, etc. and chooses that exact moment to wake up or start crying for whatever reason.

6. Everyone should travel.  THis kind of goes along with the whole education thing.  I love my country, but I learned so much traveling outside of it. I now know why I love where I live, as well as those things that could stand a little improvement (like free healthcare – it’s amazing how much having a kid costs).

7. marriage is forever.  It’s not always easy and it takes work, but marriages should not be ended just because the people have a fight.  That said, marriage should not be entered into lightly.  I am all for mandatory counseling before a couple gets married. You need to know who the person is that you’re marrying.

8. Naps are good.  I still don’t understand why, as kids, we are forced to take naps, then they are suddenly taken away.  Siestas for all!

9. Everyone needs a hobby.  People need something besides work (especially workaholics like Hubby) to relax and destress.

10. laughter really is the best medicine.  However you can get it (I’m a big fan of America’s funniest videos), it may not solve your problems, but it will help you get through them.

Here’s an extra one.  I believe you should never skip dessert.  Have it first if you want to, with any meal you want to.  Heck when I go to restaurants, I get dessert to go if I can’t eat it then and there.  ENjoy the sweet things in life and don’t worry about the calories.

to see other entries and the origin of the writer’s workshop, visit Mama’s Losing It



  1. Great post! 🙂

  2. I miss being able to order dessert “in a box” to go with you 🙂

    These are great rules to live by!

  3. #5 is hilarious!! What is it about babies that know when we are going to indulge in something we actually want to do. They TOTALLY know!!

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