Open your books!

September 22, 2008

It’s officially the time to read.  All the Fall book festival and reading incentive programs are going on.  I am an avid reader and encourage you to be the same.  I’ve found I can take Princess out in the backyard and sit with her and a book and actually get some reading done while she stares at nature and naps.  Woohoo!  I mostly read fantasy – you know, magic, fairies, dragons and the like.  I’m making my way through a bunch of books from the library and then working on a series that I started a while ago, but never got around to getting the last two books because they are hard to find for some reason.  So, I finally just bought them off Amazon so I could finally finish the series.  Right now I’m reading the latest book in John Flanagan’s Ranger’s Apprentice series.  It’s technically for young adult readers, but it’s really well written and, as a fantasy reader, you learn not to be too picky about those kind of labels.  I actually listened to the first couple of books in the series on CD when I was commuting to work and the reader is excellent.  I highly recommend the audiobooks.  I’ll try and update you all to what books I’m reading and give mini-reviews.  Most are part of a series, because, well, that’s pretty standard in the world of fantasy fiction.  Today, Hubby and I are going to a book swap that’s on his school’s campus.  A good way to get rid of old books (I rarely reread books) and get new ones cheaply.  I also use PaperBackSwap online to get books.  That’s not too bad if what I want is out there. ANyway, time to sign off.  Tata for now.


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