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September 18, 2008

OK.  Princess is fed.  SHe was asleep – just long enough for me to eat lunch.  I was hoping to write, but oh well.  Guess I should be happy with what I can get.  At least I got to eat. It’s a good thing she’s cute.

So, where was I?  Oh yes, the dictionary.  Minus the who-the-hell-knows-where-these-are-from pressed flowers.  let’s see…molar – well, I have to get a couple of those puled, but not much story there other than bad genes.  Mollusk – ewww.  Mold… well, we probably have some in our walls because the tile in the bathrooms upstairs came loose and got cracked so water got in the walls and the landlords are taking their sweet time getting someone in to fix it (we rent a townhouse – hopefully a situation that will change by the end of the year when Hubby is an official full-time employee where he works if the stupid funding goes through and we can afford to buy a place before we have to attempt to baby-proof this place which will be an absolute nightmare). The kitchen floor also needs to be replaced because the linoleum is coming up really bad.    We just stuck a big rug over it for now so we can stop tripping on it and it looks better.  What else?  Moline.  There’s a story.

So, apparently, our dictionary does city names.  Moline is a town in Western Illinois, right on the Mississippi (do you ever, in your head, say the little chant thing we did as kids when you spell that?), part of  a collection of 4 towns along the Mississippi in Iowa and Illinois called the Quad Cities.  THe other towns are Bettendorf, Davenport, and Rock Island.  East Moline is also included too, but that makes it 5 cities, even though they still called it the Quad City area.  Go figure.  It is the midwest.  Anyway, Hubby grew up in this area and most of his family is still there, so we make trips there quite frequently.  It’s also where the headquarters of John Deere are located, an important fact because several of Hubby’s family members work there.

Hubby and I met in the Quad Cities.  I went to school there, a little tiny private college.  WHen I first attended, it was named Teikyo Marycrest UNiversity, then changed its name to Marycrest International University. It was named Teikyo because the Japanese teikyo corporation owned it. A lot of students were Japanese.  Actually, there was a pretty decent amount of foreign students for such a small school.  Hubby went there for a couple of years and we graduated together.  Unfortunately, it had enrollment problems and ended up closing down soon after we graduated.  Now it’s an old folks home.  The good news is when I’m old, I can go back and live in the same dorm again.

I really enjoyed my experience there.  The corporation that owned the school owned schools all over the world, so there were a lot of study abroad opportunities.  I spent a semester at their school in the Netherlands (Holland, but that’s really the name of a district in the country, not the whole country), which was really amazing since I got to travel all over Europe while I was there.  Most of our teachers were Dutch, too, so it was nice to be able to get the perspective of someone who actually lived in the country. 

It was also nice to go to such a small school.  I’ve also been to a state college in California, so I know the opposite.  At Marycrest, you could go into the financial aid office and they’d know you by name.  The only reason we really needed student ID’s was for the library and discounts at the movies.  

Oh, and my advisor there was really cool, too.  He has a house in this little tiny village in Ireland and every year he’d take a group of students.  I went twice.  The second time, Hubby proposed to me there.  He proposed on a little path between the houses, then I said yes in the pub, which happens to be owned by Enya’s father.  He plays the accordion up on a little stage and people come from all over and sing, play, and dance at the pub.  I was so overexcited, though, that I went back to the house I was staying in and felt sick all night.

Anyway, I’ve babbled long enough and somehow taken you on a trip from Illinois to Ireland.  Hope you enjoyed the reminiscing.



  1. I have enjoyed the little journey..
    I didn’t know about the John Deere place..
    I love John Deere stuff..

  2. Hi Kelly… linked to you from Mama’s Losin’ It. I’m in VA as well (Harrisonburg) and wondered what part of the state you’re in?

  3. Well thanks for introducing me to that nice little town! I might have gone the rest of my life without know it existed. I went to college in a small town too…I missed the city. 🙂

  4. Diane – we’re in Northern VA, in Fairfax.

  5. Heh. I am now at a small Catholic university after going to a big state run university.

    I love the small nature of where I am in school at. A lot of what was said in this post definitely holds true.

    I find myself having to be more accountable for my work since my classes are so small and everyone knows me, which is nice and bad at the same time.

    Everyone who knows me prob. gets a chuckle out of the fact that I’m at a Catholic university. 🙂

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