little angel

September 18, 2008

or little devil, depending on the hour of the day… and she’s only 3 months old.  Right now she’s taking a nap in my arm as I wrote this, so she’s and angel – a heavy one.  My shoulder is killing me, but if I put her down at this point, she’ll just wake up.  Besides I have to feed her in half an hour anyway and I woke her up earlier by being noisy.  So I’ll just suffer and bitch about it.  It’s so funny watching a baby sleep.  Her face goes through all these expressions.  Now she’s smiling.  Now she’s frowning.  Now  she looks really confused.  Sometimes she lets out a little cry.  I assume it’s a bad dream.  I wonder what babies dream about, anyway.  I read something in a magazine about baby dreams.  THe guy said they don’t have bad dreams (which I don’t believe – why would she cry, otherwise?) and they probably don’t dream with sound since they don’t have language.  I don’t think I believe that one, either, because they still hear other sounds.  Not all sound in dreams is language, right?  THe angel just woke up and now she’s not happy.  Oh, she found some fingers to suck on.  SHe’s fine now.  Nope, changed her mind, she’s crabby again.  Just like her mommy – able to change moods faster than a speeding bullet.  The best is when she’s all happy and cooing, then suddenly she starts wailing. Out of nowhere.

Let’s see – sleep update:  last two nights were great, She slept til 4 and 5.  THe night before that was weird.  SHe woke up for no apparent reason around 2, but Hubby (have I mentioned I love my hubby) got up and got her to go back to sleep and she woke up around  after that.  Kids.

I’m going to try something.  I read a blog called “Mama’s Losing It” whenever I get a chance. SHe has a writer’s workshop thing on there that I thought I’d give a try today.  One of her ideas was to open a dictionary and see if one of hte words meant anything to you.  So I opened the dictionary…and found some pressed flower petals.  WHen the heck did I do that?  WHat were they from?  I have no idea.  But they look neat.  I should scan them in and use them to make fairy wings  I picked up some of those wing seeds  off the ground to do that with, too, but I have yet to scan them in.  I’m such a procrastinator.  Um..my child is attempting to eat my arm – I guess it’s time to feed her.  I will continue this thought later.


One comment

  1. it is so nice to read about your mama journeys. It makes me feel like I am there. I miss you!

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