September 15, 2008

The hallelujah chorus is going through my head.  Princess slept until 6 AM today.  Hubby woke up this morning and asked if he’d missed a feeding.

People are so funny about babies.  We talked to my mom last night via webcam on our computer.  We got her a camera as a thank you gift for helping us out when Princess was born.  First off, she was upset because I talked with my dad earlier in the week on the computer, when she was out doing errands (like I knew she wouldn’t be there) so she didn’t get to see the baby then.  Then, while we’re talking, she keeps touching her screen, as if she’s touching the baby.  At one point, she clapped her hands to get Princess’ attention, until I told her that all we could see was a great big blur.  SHe doesn’t get the whole slow frame rate thing.  Of course, it usually takes them several tries to get the video working in the first place.  It’s so hilarious dealing with non-tech savvy people.  I am the proud owner of  Macintosh computer.  When we have guests, more often than not they end u[ using my computer to check e-mail, etc. (It’s located just off the living room and is always on).  THese are generally people who have never used a Mac in their life, so I always have to explain how things work.  THan they try to use web sites that don’t work on a Mac and complain.  Hey, who forced them to use my computer, anyway?!  ANyway, my mom e-mailed me and asked me to help her cousin who got an ipod as a Christmas present but didn’t know how to work it.   Apparently the gift-giver didn’t give her the user guide.  SO I had to e-mail her cousin and tell her how to use it and how to put music on the computer.  My mom has a digital camera, but doesn’t even know how to put the pictures on the computer.  SHe has to get my dad to do it.  ANd even though he’s worked with computers all his life, he’s not really much better.  Hubby’s family is the same.  It seems like every time we see them, he has to figure something our for them with their computers.  Makes me kinda wonder what it will be like when we’re older and what Princess will have to figure out for us, though, since I’m kind of a gadget geek, I hope I can keep up with the new tech.  I love gadgets and wish we could afford them.  Right now I want an iphone and an HD digital video-camera.  SOmeday when we win the lottery – which I suppose we need to start playing again.


Well, that’s enough ranting for now.  Later Peeps!


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